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This page contains a selection of camera manuals, brochures and technical information for many of the currently used film and digital cameras. 
While much of today's production is being done with digital cameras, I have chosen to leave many film cameras on this page because film is still being used for
production and I want you to have access to film camera information if you should need it.  I have also included information  on current Eastman Kodak film stocks.

Most of the files provided here are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  They can be viewed on any Windows or Mac computer by using the Acrobat Reader software. 
For best viewing results, use Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher. Many of these files will not open in an earlier version of the software.

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Aaton Manuals and Information for the 35mm and 16mm cameras.
16mm 35mm
Xtera User Manual Penelope 35mm User Manual
A-Minima User Manual Penelope Viewing Screens
XTR Prod 16mm User Manual 35-III User Manual
16mm Viewing Screens 35-III Threading Diagram
VHR 16 User Manual 35-III Viewing Screens
For additional information go to the Aaton web site at www.aaton.com

ARRIFLEX Brochures, Camera Manuals, Quick Guides and Technical Information.
16mm 35mm Digital
 16SR3 Manual  235 Manual  Alexa Manual
 416 Manual  435 Manual Alexa Pocket Guide
16mm Quick Guides  435 Advanced Manual  D-21 Manual
 16SR3 QG  535B Manual Digital Camera Basics
 416 Q G  Arricam Manual  Alexa Camera Simulator
   Arricam Accessories  Alexa Plus Camera Simulator
  35mm Quick Guides  
  ARRIFLEX 435 Q G  
  ARRIFLEX Arricam Studio Q G  
  ARRIFLEX Arricam Lite Q G  
Accessories Technical Information
Wireless Remote Control (WRC-2) Arricam System Guide
Integrated Video Assist System for the 435 Arriflex 235 Dimensions
Integrated Video Assist System for the 535 ARRI Ramp Tutorial
Integrated Video Assist System for the 16SR3 The ARRI-Guide for Ground Glasses
LCC Basics Time Code Exposure Sensitivity (TCS)
Lens Control System (LCS) Zeiss Depth of field tables for Ultra Primes - feet
Remote Control Unit (RCU-1) Zeiss Depth of Field Tables for Ultra Primes -  meters
Shift and Tilt Bellows System Lightweight Zoom Depth of Field Tables
ARRI Tilt Focus Master Primes Depth of Field Tables
Ramp Preview Controller Overview Complete Camera Configuration Overview
Ramp Preview Controller Manual  
Arrihead II Instruction Manual  
Camera Lenses Miscellaneous
ARRIFLEX Alexa Alura Zooms Professional Camera Accessories
ARRIFLEX D-21 Master Primes ARRI Camera Product Catalog
ARRICAM Lightweight Zoom ARRIHEAD 2
ARRIFLEX 235 Compact Primes ARRI Video Accessories
ARRIFLEX 435 Variable Primes Digital Director's Viewfinder
ARRIFLEX 435 EXTREME Ultra 16 Lenses The Power of 416
ARRIFLEX 535B Ultra Prime 8R The Beauty of 16
ARRIFELX 16SR3 Advanced   The Art of Ultra 16
ARRIFLEX 765    
For additional information go to the Arri web site at www.arri.com

Data Sheets and Manuals for Moviecam Film Cameras
Data Sheets Manuals
Compact Data Sheet Compact Manual
Compact MK2 Data Sheet Compact MK2 Manual
SL Data Sheet SL Manual
SL MK2 Data Sheet SL MK2 Manual

Catalogs and Miscellaneous Information for Panavision Film Cameras
Panavision Media Center
Panavision Camera Catalog
Panavision Remote System Catalog
New Filmmaker Program
Panavision Hollywood Specialty Products
Panaflex Millennium Manual

For Additional  Information go to the Panavision web site at www.panavision.com


Manuals for Red Digital Cinema Cameras
Red One Operation Guide
Red Scarlet Operation Guide
Red Epic Operation Guide

For Additional  Information go to the Red Digital Cinema web site at www.red.com


Fujifilm Motion Picture Film Information

Eastman Kodak Motion Picture Film Information

Product Catalog Discontinued Films
Catalog Prices The Essential Reference Guide for Filmmakers
Films for the Aaton A-Minima Camera Motion Picture Color Theory Workbook
Film Quick Reference Guide Basic Photographic Sensitometric Workbook
H2 - Cinematographers Field Guide Capturing Information on Film
Exploring the Color Image Interactive Tools
Display Manager System How to Read a Film Can Label

For additional  information go to the Eastman Kodak web site at www.kodak.com/US/en/motion/


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