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Down to the Wire D.P. - Mike Barrow
Smitty - HD Short D.P. - Arledge Armenaki
We Card 2000 - Training Video D.P. - D.A. Oldis
Hands On - Infomercial D.P. - Jose Luis Becerra
American Yakuza - Feature Film (B Camera) D.P. - Richard Clabaugh
Dark Justice - TV Series (B Camera) D.P. - Tony Palmieri, A.S.C.
Jasmine - Music Video D.P. - Peter Nydrle
Playboy: Sensual Fantasy for Lovers D.P. - Kim Haun
The Lightning Incident - TV Movie (B Camera) D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
High Noon - Music Video D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
Hardwired - Feature Trailer D.P. - Richard Clabaugh
Tales from the Darkside - TV Series (B Camera) D.P. - Michael Cardone
Outlaw Force - Feature Film D.P. - David Huey

The Wonder Years (B Camera) D.P. - Steve Confer
(Parts of Seasons 2 & 4, All of Season 3)  
Star Trek - The Next Generation D.P. - Marvin Rush, A.S.C.
(Six Episodes - Season 4)  
Gabriel's Fire (B Camera) D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
Pro's & Cons (B Camera) D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
Dark Justice (B Camera) D.P. - Tony Palmieri, A.S.C.
Dream On (Additional Camera) D.P. - Richard Walden
Target Earth (aka Taken Away) - TV Movie
(B Camera)
D.P. - Levie Isaacs
Johnny Bago - Additional Camera D.P. - Tim Suhrstedt
Confessions and Fantasies D.P. - Randy Sellars, Ken Arlidge, Arledge Armenaki
Red Shoe Diaries (2nd Unit) D.P. - Eagle Egilsson, A.S.C.
Tales from the Darkside D.P. - Gideon Porath
Sunday Comics D.P. - Bob Torrance
P.S. I Luv U (Additional Camera) D.P. - Bob Hayes
The Nu Deli - TV Pilot (B Camera) D.P. - Joe Urbanczyk
Sledge Hammer (B Camera) D.P. - Norman Leigh
The Lightning Incident - TV Movie D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
Jury Duty, The Comedy (aka The Great American Sex Scandal) - TV Movie (2nd Unit) D.P. - Peter Collister

Revenge of Al Capone - TV Movie
(2nd Unit)

D.P. - Randy Sellars (2nd Unit)

The Prophecy (Pickup Shots) D.P. - Richard Clabaugh
Claire of the Moon D.P. - Randy Sellars
Prey of the Chameleon D.P. - Randy Sellars
Once Upon A Crime  (2nd Unit) D.P. - Doug Milsome
Too Much Sun (2nd Unit) D.P. - Bob Yeoman
The Wizard (2nd Unit) D.P. - Bob Yeoman
Penny D.P. - Marty Ollstein
Red Surf D.P. - John Schwartzman, A.S.C.
Phantom of the Opera (2nd Unit) D.P. - John Schwartzman, A.S.C.
Spaced Invaders (Additional Camera) D.P. - James L. Carter
Angel Town (B Camera) D.P. - John Le Blanc
Hollywood's New Blood - (2nd Unit) D.P. - Richard Clabaugh
Servants of Twilight (Feature Trailer) D.P. - Antonio Soriano
Mutant on the Bounty D.P. - Randy Sellars
Meet The Hollowheads D.P. - Marvin Rush, A.S.C.
The Unholy (Additional Photography) D.P. - John Schwartzman, A.S.C.
Waxwork D.P. - Gerry Lively
Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde D.P. - Tom Spalding
The Runnin' Kind (2nd Unit) D.P. - Marvin Rush, A.S.C.
Commando Squad (2nd Unit) D.P. - Gary Graver
Necromancer (aka Wishes) D.P. - Richard Clabaugh
Cyclone (2nd Unit) D.P. - Paul Elliott

Outlaw Force

D.P. - David Huey

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under the Bridge" D.P. - Eric Edwards
Air Supply - "Stop the Tears" D.P. - Tim Roarke
Beastie Boys - "Pass the Mic" D.P. - Tim Roarke
Delano - "Young Luv" D.P. - Aaron Schneider, A.S.C.
Jackal - "Down on Me" D.P. - Eagle Egilsson, A.S.C.
Cypress Hill - "When the Ship Goes Down" D.P. - Aaron Schneider, A.S.C.
Coolio - "County Line" D.P. - Eagle Egilsson, A.S.C.
Euphoria - "Love U Right" D.P. - Chris Ashbrook
Fates Warning - "Fates Warning" D.P. - Arturo Smith
Beggars & Thieves - "Beggars & Thieves" D.P. - Paul McIlvaine
Chris Whitley - "Living with the Law" D.P. - Lisa Rinzler
Earl the Poet - "High Noon" D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
Poco - "Poco" D.P. - John Schwartzman, A.S.C.
Rhythm Corps - "Common Ground" D.P. - Rolf Kesterman
Spookie - "Don't Walk Away" D.P. - Tim Roarke
Chuck E. Weiss - "Marla Got Married" D.P. - Tim Roarke
Glendale Philharmonic - "Prisma" D.P. - Tim Roarke
Bruce Springsteen - "Downbound Train" D.P. - Bob New

Atrium Furniture Mall D.P. - Robert Wooten
Lexington State Bank D.P. - Gregg Easterbrook
Panasonic Car Audio D.P. - Robert Wooten
Life Savers D.P. - Aaron Schneider, A.S.C.
McDonalds D.P. - Victor Goss, A.S.C.
Commerce Casino D.P. - Tim Roarke
Xircom-Nightmare D.P. - Robert Ebinger
Financial Marketing D.P. - Randy Sellars
Carl's Junior D.P. - Randy Sellars
NBA - Magic Johnson D.P. - Dave Insley
Minute Maid Orange Juice (B Camera) D.P. - Rolf Kesterman
Burger King D.P. - Mark Woods
CBN - The Family Channel D.P. - Marvin Rush, A.S.C.
Inahara D.P. - Mark Woods
Classic Coke D.P. - John Schwartzman, A.S.C.
Denial D.P. - Mark Woods
Mori Nu Tofu D.P. - Mark Woods

Meat Master

D.P. - Mark Woods

1st AC - OTHER
Surrendering in a Champion's World - Dance Performance D.P. - Arledge Armenaki
Team Building - Industrial D.P. - Randy Sellars
Creative Problem Solving II – Industrial D.P. - Randy Sellars
Pediatric CPR - Industrial D.P. - Randy Sellars
Discipline Without Punishment  - Industrial D.P. - Randy Sellars
It's A Dogs Life - Industrial D.P. - Randy Sellars
It's A Blast - PSA D.P. - Jose Luis Becerra
Keep Them Out of Reach - PSA D.P. - Eagle Egilsson, A.S.C.
My Self Esteem - Documentary D.P. - Randy Sellars
Community Improvement League - PSA D.P. - Mark Woods
The Portrait - Documentary D.P. - Bill Pope
ITT - Industrial D.P. - Glen Kershaw
Tawnni Cable - Playboy Video D.P. - John Schwartzman, A.S.C.

Respect Yourself - PSA

D.P. - Tom Spalding




Rock, Rhythm & Blues - Music Video, Various Artists D.P. - Gerry Wenner
Boys Club – “The Loneliest Heart” – Music Video D.P. - Gerry Wenner
Dash - Commercial D.P. - Rolf Kesterman
Broken Land - Music Video D.P. - Rolf Kesterman
Collision Course - Feature Film D.P. - Tim Galfas
Necromancer - Feature Film D.P. - Eric Cayla
The Nu Deli - TV Pilot (B Camera) D.P. - Joe Urbanczyk
Cutting Loose - Music Video D.P. - Joe Urbanczyk
Cold Steel - Feature Film D.P. - Tom Denove
Tales from the Darkside  - TV Series D.P. - Joe Urbanczyk
Smokey Robinson, "Sleepless Nights" - Music Video D.P. - Paul Elliott
Armed Response - Feature Film D.P. - Paul Elliott
Ms. Frankenstein - Feature Film D.P. - Steve Sealy
Evil Laugh - Feature Film D.P. - Steve Sealy
Prison Ship (aka Starslammer) - Feature Film D.P. - Paul Elliott
The Tomb - Feature Film D.P. - Paul Elliott


Working knowledge of the following:

16mm and 35mm film camera systems - Aaton XTR-Prod, Arriflex l6S, Arriflex 16M, Arriflex 16BL, Arriflex 16SR2, Arriflex 16SR3, Arriflex 416, Arriflex Arricam, Arriflex 235, Arriflex 35-3, Arriflex 35BL, Arriflex 535, Cinema Products CP16, Eclair ACL, Eclair NPR, Leonetti Ultracam, Moviecam Compact, Moviecam SuperAmerica, Panavision Panaflex 16, Panavision Golden, Panavision GII, Panavision Platinum, Panavision Panastar, Panavision Panaflex-X, Panavision Millennium. 

HD/Digital camera systems – Arriflex Alexa, Panasonic HDX-900, Panasonic HPX-2700, Panasonic HVX-200, Sony PMW-EX3. .


Camera Operating Reel and References available upon request

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