David E. Elkins,

Camera Operator - Retired
First Assistant Cameraman - Retired







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  Shooting a scene in the backyard of the house
 in Culver City, CA.
Me and Fred Savage on the sound stage. Dan Lauria, me and Daniel Stern.  
  Getting ready to shoot a scene in the front yard of the house in Burbank, CA. Me and Josh Saviano on the sound stage. Checking the focus for a shot on the front porch of the house in Burbank, CA  
  Setting up for a shot in the front yard of the house in Burbank, CA. Me and Camera Operator Victor Goss. Me and 2nd AC Bobby Broome.  

Meet the Hollowheads


  Me with John Glover. Me with Bobcat
Me with 2nd AC
Haywood Nelson.

Prey of the Chameleon


With DP Randy Sellars, Key Grip Billy Mears and 2nd AC Brian Sorenson.

Getting ready to go up in the crane for a shot. On the process trailer waiting to do the shot.  


Setting up for a shot.

Camera PA Lisa Goldsmith, 2nd AC Brian Sorenson, Me and Boom Operator Kevin Kubota. Getting ready to shoot a shot late at night outside the farmhouse. 
It was a very cold night.

Miscellaneous Shots
  In the middle of a cemetery in Boulder, CO, as 1st AC for a music video for the band Beggars & Thieves. Oiling the camera during a break in the action for The Unholy, 2nd Unit. As 1st AC on Tales from the Darkside with DP Michael Cardone.  
  Armed Response - Checking focus with actors David Goss, Lee Van Cleef and Brent Huff. Cyclone - As 2nd AC I had a lot of
paperwork to keep up with.
The Unholy, 2nd Unit - Pulling focus
with DP John Schwartzman.
  Tales from the Darkside - With DP Michael Cardone and 2nd AC Juliette King Up in the crane with Camera Operator Sean McLin for the feature The Lightning Incident. Checking focus for the feature Red Surf.  

Workshops & Classes
  Demonstrating the Panaflex Gold at
Columbia College Hollywood.
The Connecticut Film Industry Training Program 2008.  With instructor Michael Barrow and student Bryan Hickey. The Connecticut Film Industry Training Program 2009.  Camera class - Amanda Keith, Peter Krol, Kerey Viswanathan, Ken Guard, James Davis, MIchael Moote and David Grewe  

Film School
A few select photos from my time at Columbia College Hollywood while studying filmmaking/cinematography.
  With my 1st AC Catherine Newburn on the set of my senior film project.   We were shooting with an Arri 16S camera. Another location shot from my senior film project. Camera operating for a fellow student.  Catherine Newburn is again my 1st AC.  We were shooting with an Eclair NPR 16mm camera.  
  With my 1st AC Catherine Newburn
on set for a commercial shoot.
In cinematography class using a
Frezzolini 16mm film camera.
Another shot from the commercial shoot.  The camera is a Auricon 16mm film camera.  

Personal Photos
  My wife Jan and I visiting friends in
Los Angeles.
A trip to Disney World in 1997. Jan and I with Fred Savage in 1998 after attending a play he was performing in.  
  The best day of my life, May 17, 1997 when I married Jan. Outside the church after our
wedding ceremony.
Our wedding party.  

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